The Redefining Her Brand® Brunch & Workshop
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Own your power and build a personal brand that empowers you to be seen, heard, and valued in your working world 
Saturday, January 20, 2024
11 am to 3 pm
Snellville, GA

 This is a must attend event for impact-driven women who are ready to stop sacrificing their identity and sanity to advance in their career! 
Is this you?
When I reflect on my career, I'm ...
  • Wondering if I’m living up to my true potential.
  • Finding it challenging to convey my expertise effectively.
  • Playing it safe instead of taking bold steps to put myself out in the spotlight. 
  • Feeling stagnant and uncertain of my career's next steps.
  • Consistently taking on extra responsibilities without getting the desired promotions.
  • Feeling undervalued, under-appreciated, and unseen.
  • Struggling to show up authentically in my working world.
  • Constantly feeling like I have to sacrifice who I am to fit in with my peers.
If you nodded along to any of these, this experience is tailored just for you.
The Redefining Her Brand Brunch will help you to boldly step into the best version of yourself, allowing you to embrace your uniqueness, amplify your strengths, and create a career and personal brand that truly reflects your authentic value ... empowering you to thrive in your working world.

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What is The Redefining Her Brand Brunch?
An empowerment experience for women who are committed to personal and professional growth with a focus on making a meaningful impact in and beyond their working world.
 With a blend of coaching and action-focused learning, this brunch and workshop will help you to effectively harness your authenticity and own your power... empowering you to show up boldly so that you can be seen, heard, and valued in your career. 
A lookback: The Redefining Her Brand Brunch 2022 

 This event is perfect for: 
Impact-driven women who are ready to advance their career and who are:
  • Individual contributors
  • Aspiring leaders
  • Dual-preneurs balancing corporate and entrepreneurship
Ambitious women who desire to advance their career without diluting the beauty and essence of who they are.
Women who want to be seen, heard, and valued in their working world. 
Women who are coachable and ready to take action.
 Ambitious women who've had enough of playing small to fit into the corporate mold.

During The Redefining Her Brand Brunch + Workshop...

Morning Session
Kickoff with a Meet+ Greet

Redefining Her Mindset Session

Catered Lunch - EscovitcheZ Legendary Island Cuisine

Afternoon Session:

Branding What Makes You Authentic
Proven Strategies For:
 - Communicating Your Professional Value
- Expanding Your Presence
- Advocating For You
- Driving Results

Owning Your Power At Work - Panel Discussion

 A one of a kind brunch and branding experience.. 
Here's what other women have to say about our  live event experiences :
We are excited to see you at the Redefining Her Brand Brunch experience!
Delicious brunch and beverages catered by EscovitcheZ Legendary Island Cuisine,
A well curated afternoon with opportunities to network & connect with like-motivated professionals and entrepreneurs like you,
Personal branding workshop providing insights on Redefining & Reinventing your Personal Brand for aligned opportunities and greater impact,
Gift bags, Surprises and Giveaways!!
Event Details:
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January 20, 2024
11:00 am to 3:00 pm
The EscovitcheZ Event Center
1350 Scenic Hwy
Snellville, GA 30078
We can't wait to see you there!!!!!
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